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Tipping Escorts/Do you tip escorts?

Tipping is one of the most divisive areas among consumers of services. There is the question of if it should be done, and just how much to give. First, let us establish that tipping is not mandatory. There is no rule or law that establishes that it must be done and so it is a show of courtesy more than it is anything else.

The rule of thumb here is that you should view your escort as a service professional and chances are he/she will ensure that he/she is well put together. Additionally, the escort will maintain professionalism and put focus into ensuring that you enjoy the service. This is an approach that is taken by most service professionals as your happiness results in a better work environment for them as well.

If an escort is attached to an escort agency, then the profits they make are skewed considering much of it is taken by the agency for their own expenses and their own need for profit. Usually, the tipping is done via an agency account as they do not encourage directly handing funds to their high class London escorts. Additionally, there are taxes that the escorts must pay and so leaving a tip helps them to offset such charges. If the escort is not attached to an agency, there are still expenses that are to be paid in the wake of taxes, travel and general upkeep of themselves and their homes (this becomes relevant for incall services).

Apart from their expenses, tipping is something that helps to lift an escort’s spirit in what can be a fulfilling but taxing form of employment. Escorts must deal with multiple clients, sometimes in the same day. Whether the clients are repulsive, disrespectful or possess other negative qualities, the escorts must look past it to prepare themselves mentally for the next client, so the best experience is given. This approach, while good for customers, can be very overbearing on escorts yet their professionalism hides it. Tipping is one way to show that you are grateful that great service is provided is spite of such challenges.

Speaking of gratitude, this is the central concept of tipping. While the provision of a service is expected for monetary compensation, escorts typically go above and beyond to ensure that you don’t just feel the value of the core service. They aim to ensure that you have a complete customer experience, even if it calls for establishing a pseudo-relationship for the duration of the transaction. Once you can feel and experience the result of the effort, a tip says, “thank you” and sort of acts as the escort equivalent of a successful job appraisal.

Finally, there is the concept of repeat business. It is quite possible that you may want to employ the use of escort services again in the future. It also stands to reason that an escort that stood out is one you would consider again. Similarly, escorts usually filter the clients they choose and a positive experience with you is likely to make it likely that the escort will do business with you again. This positive experience is achieved through showing respect and can be enhanced by tipping.

If you are considering tipping your escort, a simple 10% – 15% should suffice.

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