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Escort Etiquette – being respectful with escorts

Maintaining respectful relations with escorts in instrumental to ensuring a positive experience. High class escorts genuinely want to provide their clients with a memorable experience, however, that intention can quickly disappear if the escort determines that the client is disrespectful and undeserving of such treatment. If you will be using escort services, it’s important to understand a few things in your interactions.

No negotiation

Escorts advertise their rates for their services and are ready to provide the services with no reservations. In a similar manner, you should be prepared to hold up your end of the bargain and pay the stipulated charge. Attempting to pay the escort less or trying to get him/her to reduce the charge indicates a lack of integrity, and a lack of respect for the escort’s profession and time.

Respect boundaries

This is a bit of a weird one as the nature of the service implies an escort’s willingness to submit to your will. However, the need to provide you with enjoyment does not necessarily kill the escort’s need to be comfortable. Escorts usually clearly advertise the services they are willing to provide, and they further cement this during the initial discussion where the agreement is made. Many clients show disrespect for the escort’s wishes and disregard for the escort’s principles by trying to coerce the escort into walking along uncomfortable lines. This is not recommended as the impression which the escort is given will likely reduce the enthusiasm necessary for you to get the best service. Also, do not try to overstay your welcome as an attempt to solicit extra time at no extra cost. When the agreed time has elapsed, be courteous and leave (outcall) or allow the escort to leave (incall).

Proper Hygiene is Essential

There are some things that you can do to make the escort experience both pleasurable and easier, and practicing proper hygiene is one of them. Remember that as the body generates sweat and as impurities settle on the skin, it becomes a less pleasurable experience in both sight and smell for the escort. For example, your pubic area naturally generates a foul smell as time passes and so the area must be kept clean. Do not make the experience an awful one just because you were too lazy to do completely normal cleanliness activities. Shower and ensure you are properly groomed before meeting your escort.

Relate to a Person, as a Person

This should be an obvious one, however, it seems to be a lost concept. It is understood that the escort is incentivized by the monetary exchange and so the interaction is not under normal circumstances, however, this does not mean you should treat the escort as someone who is beneath you (unless it is done during sexual intercourse and consent was received). Imagine how you’d relate to a person you are attracted to and communicate to the escort with the same level of respect and tact.

Respect will always earn you brownie points with escorts and the four highlighted areas are some very simple yet effective ways in which you can show respect and derive a good experience.

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